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What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin, (also commonly known as Dux or "Doge") is a virtual currency based on Litecoin, similar to Bitcoin.

This coin is growing at a fast pace and was formed by Jackson Palmer and became popular thanks to the Dogecoin community on the Reddit site.

The initial limit of this virtual currency would be 100 billion, which is a huge number compared to many other currencies.

Dogecoin is different since the established limit of coins was eliminated, which means that an endless amount of coins can be mined and used to pay for the Internet.

You can even use this coin for trading , using the classic trading robot like bitcoin lifestyle and make more profits.

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What can I do with Dogecoin?

Part of being one of the fastest growing virtual currencies, Dogecoin is different because it has the support of a charitable community.

Some examples of things you can sell to earn Dogecoin are games, music or other physical items that you do not want anymore. ".

You can also sell your services or talents to others to get paid with this virtual currency. Check how bitcoin up works autonomously and return profits.

Another way to get Dogecoin is through a process known as "Mining Doge".

This is one of the best ways to earn Dogecoin, as long as you have the necessary equipment to do so.

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